(Acoustical Tackable Panel)

Quiet Technology Systems’ ACC-U-SOUND Wall Panels (ATP) are a composite wall panel that provide outstanding noise reduction qualities as well as a smooth, impact resistant tackable surface.

Acoustical Core

  • 6-7 PCF rigid fiberglass with a 1/8” thick 10-12 or 18-20 PCF smooth fiberglass face bonded to the core.


  • Chemically hardened to resist damage and provide clean, crisp edge profile.
  • Available edge profiles include square, bevel, miter, radius or kerfed for spline
  • Aluminum edges available for square edge panels only


  • Standard is Guilford FR701 2100 Series Fabric
  • A wide variety of fabrics and perforated vinyls are also available


  • Thickness: 3/4″, 1⅛”, 1⅝”, 2⅛”, 3⅛”, 4⅛”
  • Maximum Width x Height: 48 X 120
  • Custom sizes available
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  • Adhesive & Impaling clips
  • Mechanical clips
  • Concealed spline


  • Classrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Corridors
  • Court Rooms
  • Gymnasiums
  • Offices


  • 3/4” .55 – .60
  • 1⅛ .85
  • 1⅝ .95 – 1.00
  • 2⅛ .95 – 1.00
  • 3⅛ 1.00 – 1.05
  • 4⅛ 1.00 – 1.05

Fire Test

  • ASTM-E84 Tunnel Test
  • Less than 25 or class “A” or “1”

1.1 Work in this section shall be subject to drawings, general conditions, schedules, addenda and other contract documents.
1.2 Submit ______ samples of each type of acoustical panel as shown on the drawings and in schedules and include appropriate technical information including test data and maintenance instructions.
1.3 Acoustical panels shall be installed to manufacturers recommendations.
1.4 Installation of acoustical panels shall not begin until all wet work is completed and dry. Building shall be climatized and under standard occupancy conditions (temperature of 65-80 degrees and not more than 70% relative humidity) before installation begins.
1.5 Substitutions or changes will only be permitted by prior approval by the architect.

2.1 Acoustical wall panels shall be Quiet Technology Systems Type: ATP as manufactured by Quiet Technology Systems, 255 N. Pasadena Street, Gilbert, AZ 85233. Phone (480) 632-9234 Fax (480) 632-9238.
2.2 Acoustical panels shall be constructed of single core construction of dimensionally stable medium density rigid 6 –7 lb. Pcf fiberglass. Panel face to be laminated with 1/8″ thick 10-12 pcf high density fiberglass. Nominal overall thickness of 3/4″, 1“,  1“, 2, 3, or 4” ( (choose one).
2.3 Sizes: _______ wide and _______ high or as shown on drawings. Standard maximum size is 48” wide by 120” high nominal. Custom shapes or larger sizes available, consult manufacturer. Panels are to be manufactured according to field dimensions supplied by the installing contractor. Standard tolerances are plus or minus 1/16” in width and length.
2.4 Edge profile shall be: Square, radius, bevel, miter (choose one). Corner detail shall be: Square, radius, or custom choose one). Edge treatment shall be resin hardened or aluminum (square only).
2.5 Panel finish shall be: __________________________ (specify fabric manufacturer, pattern and color). Finish shall be applied directly to the face and edges of the panel and returned to the back of the panel 2” to provide a full finished edge. All corners are fully tailored.
2.6 Mounting shall be adhesive with impaling clip, z-clip, or spline (choose one). Adhesive, fasteners (ie: screws nails) and level clips to be supplied by the contractor. All other standard mounting brackets supplied by the manufacturer.
2.7 Acoustical performance – panels shall have a minimum NRC of _______ (specify) in accordance with ASTM C423
2.8 Flammability – All panels with standard fabric shall have a Class “A” flame spread rating of 25 or less in accordance with ASTM E-84.