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Improve Sound Clarity with Barrel Diffusers: The Ultimate Guide

barrel diffusersMost people know the difference between a good sound experience and a bad one, but most people don’t realize that there is far more to a high-quality sound experience than great speakers and powerful equipment. The listening environment, and strategic acoustic treatments, make all the difference in transforming the quality of sound in places like theaters, auditoriums, concert halls, music rooms, and more. Although acoustic panels are an essential component, well-placed barrel diffusers change the quality, depth, and richness that is heard. 

The Science Behind Barrel Diffusers and Sound Distribution

Barrel diffusers distribute sound evenly throughout a space and help you achieve a balanced sound environment. They are constructed from rigid molded fiberglass (with an option to add internal fiberglass) in a barrel-shaped configuration that maximizes sound efficiency and quality. Unlike acoustic panels that absorb sound so that it doesn’t bounce and echo off of hard surfaces in an unpleasant way, a barrel diffuser reflects sound but in the process of doing so, breaks up the sound so that it isn’t a direct echo.

Discreet & Easy to Install

Barrel diffusers are lightweight and easy to install in almost any venue because they can be attached to either ceiling grids or wall-mounted using brackets. Acc-U-Sound diffusers, for example, are available in a white gel-coat with a lemon peel texture or wrapped with a woven 100% polyester fabric. 

Barrel Diffusers: The Cost-Effective Solution for Optimal Sound Quality

When designing a comprehensive sound optimization strategy for your venue, consider adding barrel diffusers along with sound absorption panels. An optimal sound environment uses layers of sound reflection and absorption for a more dynamic and full sound. These two acoustic treatments work well together to optimize sound clarity. In fact, by strategically using these acoustic treatments you may even save money by reducing the need for additional sound equipment or enhancements that you would otherwise need. Barrel diffusers are a beneficial and cost-effective addition to any sound system and will help you create the well-balanced sound environment you want.