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Why Install Commercial Sound Panels?

Excessive internal noise can be a problem in any space, even offices. The reason behind this is that most of the time, buildings are designed for functionality, but don’t take the noise level or impact into account. This can make things hard when noise pollution spreads from one part of a building to another. However, […]

How Sound Panels Can Improve Your Church’s Sound Quality

The sound quality in any house of worship is vital to its message being communicated clearly and successfully. Church sound suppression is an important aspect of creating the optimum environment for a church to have the best control over its sound, and there are a couple of reasons why. Volume Control Especially in churches that […]

3 Steps to Use Sound Panels for Your Church Auditorium

When it comes to managing sound quality in houses of worship, there are often many factors to consider, including overall volume levels and clarity of sound. Properly achieving church sound control to maximize sound quality involves having the proper sound paneling installed. You can improve the sound in your church with sound paneling in these […]

Create the Worship Experience You Want with Precision Sound Suppression

The days of cavernous, echoing cathedrals begin to fade as parishioners more often come to expect clear, crisp sounds from their church-going experience. The largest complaint of most congregants after a service is sound related. So how do church sound suppression technologies affect your congregation’s worship experience? Reduces Echo Your large worship center that seats […]

Control Your Church’s Sound With Church Sound Panels

How does your church sound? If the sound bounces off the walls or disappears into the atmosphere, you may not have good acoustics. Music and audio should never sound muddled within the church. With the help of church sound panels, you may have better sound quality. Common Sound Issues Within Churches Your church is home […]

Using Acoustical Wall Panels to Improve Your Church’s Sound

Churches everywhere are always working to improve the quality of their media production for both live weekend services and other applications. There are countless aspects of getting the best sound in any given worship center, but one of the most important considerations is how all of the major surfaces (including walls, floors and ceilings) are […]