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Soundproof Your Commercial Space

They say silence is golden and in some businesses, this is definitely true. If you own a recording studio or sound stage, you cannot have outside noise ruining your hard work. The same is true of auditoriums, schools, and places of worship. There are numerous types of businesses where the use of auditorium sound panels […]

The Benefits of Soundproof Wall Panels in Commercial Spaces

There’s a lot of noise out there and exposing your ears to more than what’s essential could have long-term negative effects. Fortunately, you can take better care of your hearing, as well as everyone else who enters your business, by having sound panels strategically installed throughout the space. Cutting back on that unnecessary noise can […]

How to Properly Control Sound in an Auditorium

Auditoriums are spaces that are often used for meetings or productions. Acoustics is the science concerned with the production, control, transmission, reception and effects of sound. Good acoustics are imperative to get the most out of any gathering held in an auditorium. Any area with large amounts of flat, reflective space should be treated. Auditorium […]

How Sound Panels Can Help Reduce Echo and Enhance Sound

Poor acoustics can be more than a minor annoyance. Difficulty understanding others slows down work, causes listener fatigue and affects mood and anxiety. The situation is worse when sound is essential to an experience, such as during a concert or public talk. Discover how sound panels cut down on echo and provide a pleasant listening […]

How Sound Panels Can Improve Your Church Sound

Because of the nature of their services and gatherings, houses of worship everywhere strive to achieve and maintain a top-quality sound for their congregants and visitors. Church sound panels can be an essential part of maximizing a church’s live audio quality as well as their overall aesthetic. Sound Improvement The first and most important way […]

How You Can Create Pro Sound in a Large Auditorium With Sound Panels

Excellent room acoustics do not happen by accident. Without proper treatment, an auditorium can sound dead and lose an audience’s attention. Sound panels can create a peak listening environment in a large auditorium. Sound Panels Improve Acoustics in Large Spaces An array of sound panels can prevent the reverberation of specific sound frequencies. This type […]

Using Sound Panels To Control Sound in a Church Auditorium

The sounds of worship run the gamut from the soft rustlings of church bulletins to the sometimes ethereal, sometimes exhilarating, music from the choir and the musicians. Acoustics in a church is critical for ensuring the congregation experiences all components of the service or event, whether listening to the sermon or praying quietly. High-quality church […]

Sound Control for Large Schools

Superficially, some might think that school sound control is merely about calming overstressed teachers’ nerves! The truth is that your pupils, teachers and staff benefit from an improved acoustic environment in a variety of ways. School Sound Control Prevents Problems For administrators, managing noise in educational settings is as much as about the prevention of […]

Using Sound Panels in Churches To Optimize Sound Quality

Many churches have large, open spaces with rigid walls, floors and ceilings. They are excellent for housing large gatherings, but the structure can cause sounds to bounce around the room. Sound panels can help control the audio for improved clarity. How Sound Panels Help Acoustics In the past, large spaces were designed to push sound […]

Using Sound Panels for Commercial Noise Control

There are many reasons you may need noise control in a commercial environment, from decreasing distraction and improving concentration to reducing noise pollution from a loud gathering or event. Whatever acoustic challenges you’re facing, the right sound panels can help you shape your space into a more harmonious sonic environment. HOW SOUND PANELS HELP The […]