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Soundproofing Your Home Studio: A Guide for Musicians and Content Creators

Creating a dedicated space for your music or content creation at home is fantastic, but dealing with unwanted noise can be a challenge. External noises like traffic or neighbors can sneak into your recordings which is frustrating, sounds unprofessional, and may lead to wasting time having to re-record things. That’s where Quiet Technology Systems (QTS) […]

Noise Reduction Solutions for Open-Plan Offices

Open offices have been shown to be great for collaboration and team building But, like any office design, there can be drawbacks, and the most common one with open-plan offices is the noise. Noise pollution can sometimes be overwhelming and distracting, with open offices being productive for some but not others. Custom workplace noise reduction […]

Broadcast Room Noise

Managing Broadcast Room Noise: Enhancing Clarity and Quality

Broadcasting is an art form that requires a perfect environment. Whether it’s a live news broadcast, a podcast, or a music performance, clear sound is essential. The challenge is to create a space where sound can be captured clearly without unwanted noise. Strategic noise control measures such as acoustic panels, baffles, and diffusers can mitigate […]

managing noise in call centers

Managing Noise in Call Centers: A Sound Solution with Acoustic Panels

Call centers are the bustling hub of customer service that many businesses depend on. They are the front-line warriors – ready to answer questions, solve problems, and create positive customer experiences. However, behind the scenes of call center operations is an always-present challenge – noise. Controlling noise in call centers is more than just making […]

school auditorium acoustics

How to Optimize School Auditorium Acoustics with Custom Noise Control Solutions

Good sound quality is essential in school auditoriums to ensure that everyone can hear what is being said or performed. Unwanted noise and echo can ruin even the most engaging event for both presenters and audiences. That’s where the expertise of a custom designer and manufacturer of quality sound control products for commercial applications comes […]

ACC-U-SOUND HIP I Acoustic Panels

Transform Spaces with ACC-U-SOUND HIP I Acoustic Panels

Sometimes there is nothing better than the sound of silence. But, in a world full of noise, that can be hard to come by. The ACC-U-SOUND HIP I from Quiet Technology Systems can provide a serene and inviting environment in places that need it most like schools, offices, and healthcare facilities. This revolutionary product is […]

Leed certified

Understanding What it Means to be LEED Certified

Today, many businesses are prioritizing sustainability as well as eco-friendly manufacturing and operations. One area in which sustainability must be a focus is the impact of buildings on our environment. Buildings use a lot of energy and resources and in doing so produce a lot of carbon emissions. This is why it’s important to build […]

church acoustics

How Acoustic Panels Improve Church Acoustics

When designing and building a church, the focus is often on creating a sacred space that supports spiritual connection while providing a comfortable place to worship. But, one aspect that is often overlooked is the importance of optimizing acoustics. When proper acoustics are prioritized it enhances the overall worship experience, ensuring clear communication, and creating […]