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Create the Worship Experience You Want with Precision Sound Suppression

The days of cavernous, echoing cathedrals begin to fade as parishioners more often come to expect clear, crisp sounds from their church-going experience. The largest complaint of most congregants after a service is sound related. So how do church sound suppression technologies affect your congregation’s worship experience?

Reduces Echo

Your large worship center that seats 2,000+ individuals is great for reaching the masses but not so great for sound control. Those large, solid walls and harsh, angular ceilings are perfect for bouncing sound everywhere, causing the dreaded echo. Acoustic paneling softens and absorbs the sound, to prevent it from bouncing back to the ear multiple times. If the sound is not so intense, you will reduce the number of complaints about the worship music and message by half.

Creates a Cozy, Intimate Atmosphere

The general din of a gathering crowd can be overwhelming and makes it difficult to get into the right headspace to receive a message. With church sound suppression, the overall sound levels drop drastically, allowing for a much more peace-inducing, intimate environment where one can converse quietly with others without having to shout or strain to hear.

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