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Eliminate Unwanted Background Noise in Your Restaurant

The noise in a restaurant can quickly become overwhelming. Clinking silverware, orders shouted from the kitchen, conversations, and music all merge into a cacophony without high-quality sound control products to defray the din. The best part is that once they are installed, your customers won’t even know they’re there.

How They Work

Noise absorption panels work by being specially engineered to absorb the frequency of sound that occurs most often in your space. Some are designed to fit within corners to trap bass and reverberations, while others can be installed on your ceiling or walls to mitigate higher-frequency sounds such as conversations and live music.

What They Look Like

Sound control panels come in every shape, size, color, and design that you can imagine. We can work specifically with the existing color scheme of your restaurant to install a discreet and tasteful set of noise reducers. Many can blend seamlessly into the walls or ceiling, while others can be printed with a custom art scene or design that adds visual value to your dining room.

Effective Sound Control

Noise suppression products increase morale for employees and create a more pleasant dining experience for customers. If you’ve ever gotten negative reviews or feedback about the noise level in your restaurant, contact us today for a free quote.