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How Sound Panels Control the Noise In Your Office

It is hard to get things done when there are audible distractions. Phone calls, loud conversations, and outdoor noise all reduce productivity and increase stress. Sound panels can aid noise control by absorbing all frequencies of sound and fitting in with your office aesthetic.

Low, Mid, and High-frequency Noise Absorption

The human ear can hear sounds that range from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The higher the frequency, the higher the tone. This is not to be confused with decibel level (dB), which is the intensity of the sound wave (how much it can damage your hearing). Still, high frequencies such as ringtones are a major distractor. Mid-frequency tones cover the typical human conversation, and low-frequency tones cover most machines and air conditioners. The various thicknesses and engineering specs of the panels will determine which frequency they absorb best.

Decorative and Architectural Treatments for Noise Control

Add your workplace mission statement, scenes from nature, or motivational slogans to our sound control panels. Printable fabrics can be created with acoustic transparency. Vinyl and other fabrics also come in numerous custom shapes, sizes, and applications. Hang them as banners from your ceiling, or attach them to your walls.

To learn more about the many options we offer, contact us today. We have experience with customizing meeting spaces, workstations, classrooms, and conference halls.