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How to Properly Control Sound in an Auditorium

Auditoriums are spaces that are often used for meetings or productions. Acoustics is the science concerned with the production, control, transmission, reception and effects of sound. Good acoustics are imperative to get the most out of any gathering held in an auditorium. Any area with large amounts of flat, reflective space should be treated. Auditorium sound panels are a good way to properly control sound in an auditorium.

What Are Auditorium Sound Panels?

These types of sound panels are essentially acoustic panels that hang horizontally from the ceiling and help absorb sound waves that travel up. For auditoriums that feature high ceilings, there are ceiling clouds that help prevent the cavernous sound that can result from this type of ceiling structure. The best way to soundproof an auditorium is to apply acoustic panels to the stage area, side walls, back walls, ceilings and balcony faces.

The goal for high-quality auditorium acoustics is the equal distribution of sound for the seated members of the audience, regardless of their location in the building. There should never be a seat, then, that provides audience members with distorted noise, rather than premium sound quality.

How Do Sound Panels Work?

Most sound panels consist of a porous material that helps to trap the sound. When they are suspended, they absorb undesired sound waves. Panels can be suspended at different heights along a wall to improve acoustic performance. The air pockets between the panels will capture sound waves, preventing them from traveling even further in spaces with high ceilings.

Why Invest in Auditorium Sound Panels?

Auditorium sound panels are what the professionals use to ensure quality sound when outfitting big rooms and spaces. Installing the right equipment in the right places is tantamount to achieving the desired sound quality. Contact us at Quite Technology Systems today to learn how we can help with your sound quality control issues and put our vast experience and state-of-the-art equipment to work for you.