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How You Can Create Pro Sound in a Large Auditorium With Sound Panels

Excellent room acoustics do not happen by accident. Without proper treatment, an auditorium can sound dead and lose an audience’s attention. Sound panels can create a peak listening environment in a large auditorium.

Sound Panels Improve Acoustics in Large Spaces

An array of sound panels can prevent the reverberation of specific sound frequencies. This type of treatment is known as sound absorption. Sound absorption panels are made of acoustically absorbent materials such as fiberglass, rock wool or polyester. Manufacturers usually sandwich these materials between two layers of fabric.

Sound absorption panels are most effective on the ceiling or at the first reflection points on the side walls. The sound panels will absorb most of the reflections before they reach the listener, resulting in improved clarity. This feature is particularly important in large auditoriums where the sound may become muddy due to reflections off the walls and ceiling.

Sound diffusers are usually made of wood or plastic and have a series of slots or holes that help to break up sound waves. Diffusers are installed on the ceiling or walls and can be used with absorption panels to create an acoustically optimal environment.

The Best Sound Panels Are Easy To Find

Whether for class instruction, musical performance or corporate conferences, you need a setup with sound panels that optimizes a room for an excellent acoustic experience. Reach out to Quick Technology Systems for guidance on the best treatment for your location.