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The Benefits of Image Panels: Combining Functionality and Design Flexibility

image panelsNoise pollution has increasingly become a problem in a variety of environments including schools, workplaces, hospitals, and other public spaces. When noise levels are high, it is very distracting and stressful which negatively affects people’s mental and physical health and also decreases many people’s ability to remain focused on whatever task they are trying to complete. For students, it may negatively impact learning. For workers, it may reduce both individual and group productivity. One effective, discreet, and scalable solution is acoustic panels. And, if you are looking for a creative way to integrate acoustic panels, you should consider image panels. 

Add Functional Art to Any Space with Acoustic Image Panels

Image panels are high-performance acoustic panels available in a wide variety of sizes and endless design options. These acoustic panels provide the sound absorption you need while simultaneously enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space. An acoustic image panel transforms dull walls with beautiful artwork that serves another purpose – sound absorption that minimizes noise pollution.

Acoustic Panels Are Ideal for Any Application 

An image panel can incorporate virtually any design and is easily customized with things like school logos and artwork, and even murals. If you need or want to create a very large display, you can install acoustic panels right next to each other so that when placed all together, they essentially combine to create one giant picture. Because of this, they seamlessly integrate with any environment, providing a functional and stylish solution to the common problem that is noise pollution.

Reduce Noise Pollution with Image Panels

Image panels look great but, most importantly, they are incredibly effective sound absorption tools. Sound waves bounce off of hard surfaces, creating noisy and chaotic echoes that contribute to noise pollution. Acoustic panels are specifically designed to reduce noise levels by absorbing sound waves, noticeably diminishing echo, and improving sound intelligibility. When you want a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to noise pollution, consider custom image panels.