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low density baffles and banners

How to Use Low Density Baffles and Banners

low density baffles and bannersIf you work in an industrial space, you know just how noisy it can be. That excess noise is not only disruptive and irritating, but it can also make it difficult to communicate, reduce productivity, and even lead to hearing loss over time. Fortunately, there is an excellent and economical solution to reduce the excessive noise and reverberation in your facility – low-density baffles and banners. Noise reverberates off of hard surfaces but low-density baffles are hung from the ceiling where they are out of the way but able to help reduce any amplified sounds in rooms or facilities with raised ceilings or large spaces. 

How do Low-Density Baffles and Banners Work?

Low-density baffles and banners are manufactured to break up and absorb the sound waves that bounce around a large space. They hang from the ceiling and reside in space where sound tends to get “stuck,” because there isn’t anything up that high to absorb or diffuse the sound waves. Sound waves usually bounce off of hard surfaces like the ceiling, floor, and walls, but baffles disrupt and reduce these noises significantly. 

Why Choose Acoustic Ceiling Baffles?

There are several reasons why customers choose low density baffles and banners for their workplace:

  • Sound Quality: The primary reason clients choose ceiling baffles is for sound quality. In addition to reducing sound within spaces, ceiling baffles also help improve acoustics within a space. It can make it easier for your employees to hear each other and communicate in your facility when ceiling baffles are in place.
  • Aesthetics: Ceiling baffles are an aesthetically pleasing solution. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors that can complement any decor. Plus, they are on the ceiling where they are out of sight.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Low-density baffles and banners are an affordable noise-reducing solution in comparison to other options. You can reduce noise even in a large manufacturing space cost-effectively with ceiling baffles.

If you’re looking for an economical solution to reverberation issues in your large space, consider using Quiet Technology Systems’ ACC-U-SOUND baffles and banners (LDB).