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Managing Noise in Schools: The Importance of School Noise Suppression Systems

school noise suppressionThe time a child or adult spends in school is important and the focus should be on learning. But, just like any place where large groups of people gather, it can get very LOUD. Whether it is just a lot of voices speaking, or yelling, all at once, or something like music or an assembly is taking place that generates a lot of noise, the volume can get out of control and spread far past the room in which the noise is occurring. The problem is, when this happens, it can impact other students’ ability to focus on learning, be a frustrating distraction for teachers, and depending on the location of the school, may even cause noise pollution in the surrounding community. Therefore, it is imperative that schools have some form of school noise suppression, such as acoustic paneling, strategically implemented in order to manage noise and foster a positive school environment.


Enhancing the Learning Environment with Acoustic Paneling 


Virtually any room in a school can benefit from the installation of acoustic solutions. It is important to note that while schools are most often concerned with noise management, schools may also want to improve acoustic quality in places like auditoriums or music rooms where bands or choirs practice or perform. And, is most often the case, schools benefit from a combination of both. The amount of sound absorption, insulation, and other acoustic management strategies necessary will depend on your school’s unique needs and acoustic goals. 


Customized School Noise Suppression Systems 


In the classroom, the goal is typically soundproofing and noise suppression. This can help minimize the amount of sound that reverberates off the walls, causing noise pollution that is irritating and highly distracting for students and teachers alike. In other school rooms such as auditoriums, music rooms, gymnasiums, etc., the goal is often a bit more complex – needing both noise suppression as well as acoustic improvements. With professional design and installation, acoustic paneling will enhance the quality of the sound that is heard while also insulating noise and suppressing noise pollution in other parts of the school. Additionally, with custom professional noise control solutions, you can get the exact size, fabric, and styles you want to integrate seamlessly with your school’s design. To improve your school’s learning environment and the acoustic experience at events, consult with professionals to design and install a custom noise suppression system to suit your needs.