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Sound Control for Large Schools

Superficially, some might think that school sound control is merely about calming overstressed teachers’ nerves! The truth is that your pupils, teachers and staff benefit from an improved acoustic environment in a variety of ways.

School Sound Control Prevents Problems

For administrators, managing noise in educational settings is as much as about the prevention of bad outcomes as the promotion of good ones. Keeping noise levels manageable to prevent students from being distracted or interrupted while doing their work is just one obvious benefit. Consider the value of making sure announcements are heard clearly, which not only facilitates the smooth functioning of daily activities but can also impact safety in cases of emergency. Even disciplinary problems may be reduced, as some research suggests a link between noise and behavioral patterns.

School Sound Control Promotes Wellbeing

Your school both employs and serves human beings with varying needs and abilities, and good acoustic design can make your facilities healthier and happier spaces for all of them. Many people can’t perform their best in noisy environments because they are either overwhelmed or over-stimulated. Additionally, some of your pupils may have difficulty communicating, for either physical or psychological reasons. Targeted sound control can keep the ambient noise level low enough for a quiet conversation while preventing sounds from certain areas from echoing or “leaking” out into others. Effective school sound control empowers everyone to feel heard while no one has to be overheard.

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