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Tackable Panels – Effectively Manage Noise & Share Messages

tackable panelsIn today’s world, we are constantly surrounded by noise. Whether it is traffic, construction, or people, noise pollution is becoming a major issue. It is particularly troublesome in high-traffic areas such as conference rooms, classrooms, lobbies, and offices. The noise level in these areas can be irritating but may even be detrimental to concentration, productivity, and communication. Additionally, many of these high-traffic areas need a place to share messages or information easily. One way to address both of these issues is with tackable panels.

Quiet Technology Systems’ ACC-U-SOUND Wall Panels (TP) provide outstanding noise reduction qualities as well as a smooth, impact-resistant tackable surface where you can share information and messages. These panels are made of fabric-wrapped dense fiberglass acoustic treatment panels that are cut to size and wrapped in the color of your choice. They come in standard sizes and can be customized to your needs as well. By adding a thin membrane on the face of the panel prior to wrapping it in acoustic fabric, the panel becomes both impact-resistant and tackable, allowing it to double as a bulletin board. These fabric-wrapped tackable & high-impact wall panels are ideal for classrooms, offices, gymnasiums, and any other setting where the panels need to withstand daily use and abuse.

The need for noise control and reduction in high-traffic places cannot be overstated. Research has shown that high levels of noise can lead to stress, anxiety, and even physical health problems. Additionally, in areas where communication is key, excessive noise can make it difficult to hear and understand others. This is particularly problematic in settings such as classrooms and conference rooms where the dissemination of information is vital. By installing tackable panels, noise levels can be reduced, creating a more comfortable and productive environment for all.

Tackable panels are perfect for sharing messages or information in a central location. With a durable tackable surface, important notices, memos, and reminders can be easily posted and seen by all. This not only helps to keep everyone informed but also creates a sense of community and cohesion within the space.