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Using Sound Panels for Commercial Noise Control

There are many reasons you may need noise control in a commercial environment, from decreasing distraction and improving concentration to reducing noise pollution from a loud gathering or event. Whatever acoustic challenges you’re facing, the right sound panels can help you shape your space into a more harmonious sonic environment.


The most commonly used acoustic panels consist of a fiberglass inner material that is covered with fabric. Some panels are additionally covered or treated to make them resistant to damage and moisture. You can attach sound panels to hard surfaces like walls and ceilings that would otherwise bounce sound around and amplify it. The relative softness of the panel’s material will absorb or dissipate sound instead.

Some benefits of noise control in commercial applications include:

  • muffling the volume of overheard speech in shared office space
  • reducing echoes in a large auditorium or conference area
  • softening the footsteps that you hear from a busy hallway


The acoustic panels you may have seen before were typically black, gray or neutral rectangular panels attached to walls. Today, experienced noise control pros like QTS offer acoustic panels in customizable sizes and fabric colors that can either blend discreetly into the background or stand out.  More varied design options mean that sound panels can enhance the look of your workspace while improving the noise level.

Quiet Technology Systems can help you address your noise control issues. Contact us to learn more about sound panels and other solutions.