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Using Sound Panels To Control Sound in a Church Auditorium

The sounds of worship run the gamut from the soft rustlings of church bulletins to the sometimes ethereal, sometimes exhilarating, music from the choir and the musicians. Acoustics in a church is critical for ensuring the congregation experiences all components of the service or event, whether listening to the sermon or praying quietly. High-quality church sound panels and an effective acoustic design make worship a more fulfilling and integrated experience of learning scriptures and participating in the music.

Church Sound Panels Create a Better Worship Experience

Many church sanctuaries are large spaces with high ceilings. Even with low ceilings, an ample enough space for a congregation increases echoes and reverberations. Extended reverberation time makes hearing the sermon difficult, particularly for congregants toward the back of the room. The sounds rebound from walls and ceiling, overlapping until the words are lost in the mess of sound.

In those cases, sound-absorbing materials, such as acoustic foam or fabric-wrapped acoustic panels, can reduce reverb because they don’t reflect sound waves. Fabric-wrapped panels are popular for churches due to their discreet, polished appearance. When installed parallel to the ceiling, the panels are called “ceiling clouds,” while perpendicular installations are called “ceiling baffles.”

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