Z-Clip Mount and Impaling Clip Mounting

Recommended Installation Instructions for Z-Clip Mount

Z-clips are factory mounted to the wall panels. A resin spot is required on the back of the panel where z-clip is factory mounted. Z-clips are available with 3/8″ or 5/8″ lift off and are approximately 2″ wide.

  1. Determine location of wall z-clips by measuring location of panel mounted z-clips. Mark a level line on the wall for the elevation of z-clips.
  2. Attach wall z-clips with appropriate drywall anchor or masonry anchor.
  3. Slide panel over wall mounted z-clips until panel clips interlock and wedge together.
  4. A lock off clip may be installed at the top of the panels at the contractors option.
  5. Finally, brush the panel with a soft bristle brush to clean panel.

Recommended Installation Instructions for Impaling Clip Mounting

  1. Mark a level line where the bottom of the panels will be located.
  2. Use supplied barbed clips attached to the wall with a 1 5/8″ drywall screw. Typical panels require 4-6 barbed clips per panel. No in-wall blocking is required for impaling clips.
  3. Apply construction adhesive to the perimeter of the back and center of the panel as needed.
  4. Press the panel onto the impaling clip so the bottom of the panel aligns with the level line. A woodblock may be used to press panel onto clips to prevent indentations in panel face.
  5. Finally, brush the panel with a soft bristle brush to clean panel.

Hands must be clean at all times when handling panels.